ShanOre 海洋系列圆形海豚水晶项链

by ShanOre


The School of Fish pendant is beauty personified, made of sterling silver and encrusted with brilliant white Swarovski® crystals. Seven smoothly crafted fish figures swim easily along the ocean bottom, passing three blades of sea grass in sterling silver and adorned with beautiful crystals by Swarovski®. 

School of Fish and White Crystals

The artistic design of this special piece features a creative placement of the fish and sea grass to create an illusion of texture and depth. Each individual fish is given life and personality with an eye of Swarovski crystals. These shimmering beings encased in a sparkling frame evoke a feeling of calm and tranquility. The group of fish shoaling the ocean floor together may also inspire feelings of togetherness and friendship. 

Sharp, clean, and bright white crystals symbolize purity and clarity. Paired with imagery of sea life this special piece is a true keepsake. 

Honor the Ocean

The beholder of this incredibly crafted and thoughtfully designed pendant necklace may wear it to honor a special memory or special relationship with the ocean. They may also be impressed with the elegance of the Swarovski crystals that add meaning and elegance.