ShanOre 海洋系列蓝色小美人鱼吊环珍珠纯银项链

by ShanOre
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An eye-catching sterling silver circle frame pendant encrusted with brilliant aquamarine Swarovski® crystals, houses a mystical mermaid who rests beneath a single, solitary Swarovski pearl. The exquisitely detailed mermaid figure is cast in sterling silver and features textured design in her tail, as well as the image of a starfish playfully hiding in her hair. As a magnificent mythical being, the mermaid perfectly captures the mysticism of the vast salt waters. 

Mermaid and Pearl

The pearl that dangles gracefully from the top center of the artfully designed frame over the resting mermaid like a beacon of light, is a Swarovski created milky white iridescent bead. As found in nature, these ocean-made gifts represent purity, beauty, and wisdom. The placement of the pearl in this piece is not only beautiful but also emits incredibly meaningful energy. 

The frame of aquamarine Swarovski crystals accentuates the mermaid's captivating beauty and magical qualities. A brilliant sparkling blue is a nod to the ocean waters, the vast sky above, and a symbol of calm, healing, and clarity.