ShanOre 海洋系列小海龟珍珠圆球水晶项链

by ShanOre


A solitary pearl from Swarovski® is housed in a sterling silver turtle shell cage. The leg and tail extensions of the magical turtle pendant are embellished with sparkling white Swarovski crystals.

Turtle and Pearl

The turtle, in tales of lore, used its incredibly strong shell to life the weight of the ocean floor above the water's crest to bring land to the masses. This feat and the protective nature of the turtle are captured with beauty in the sterling silver rendition of the magnificent sea creature. The cage like design allows the pearl of wisdom, beauty, and purity to safely peek out from the pendant body. Pearls, the milky white, iridescent beads gifted naturally from the ocean are one of the many mysteries of the vast salt waters.

Adorning the turtle are bright, white crystals from Swarovski. These sparkling beauties are symbolic of purity and clarity, and while supporting the meaningful spirit of the turtle, bring elegance to the keepsake piece. 

Treasures of the Ocean

The masterful craftsmanship present in The Ocean Collection by Shanore Ireland featuring crystals from Swarovski shines in this elegant turtle and pearl pendant necklace. This keepsake piece, with its careful and thoughtful design, makes for easy transition from chic day wear to elegant eveningwear. Let the protective and positive energies of the magnificent turtle guide you, or gift to a most deserving friend or significant other.