ShanOre 海洋系列小鱼水晶项链

by ShanOre


Beautiful abalone shell and sparkling Swarovski® crystals adorn a sterling silver Angelfish pendant. Fine detail in the fins and gorgeous color in the shell body are matched only by the brilliant white crystals in the center and in the eye of the charming fish. Designed with curved lines as a nod to the gently waving motion of the ocean water tides, the stunning sea life pendant evokes calming and healing energies that draw from the ocean's enthralling mysticism.

Angelfish and Abalone Shell

The mystical angelfish is beautifully contrasted with colorful abalone shell against sparkling white Swarovski crystals. Set in bright sterling silver, the pendant evokes strength, elegance and personality. Colorful hues of creams, pinks, blues and greens make up the strong abalone shell, inspiring in the wearer a sense of protection, guidance, and wisdom. This rare beauty is a very special keepsake. 

Brilliant white crystals symbolize purity, beauty, and clarity. Together this impressive design offers significance along with its elegant style.