ShanOre 海洋系列海螺水晶项链

by ShanOre


A stunning and unique abalone conch shell pendant set in sterling silver embedded with brilliant white Swarvoski® crystals both impresses and inspires. This incredible eye-catching keepsake piece from The Ocean Collection by Shanore Ireland captures the beauty of fine craftsmanship and the mystical properties of the sea. 

Abalone Shell

The Ocean's natural mysticism is strongly present in the natural rainbow of colors found in the abalone shell. Creams, greens, pinks, blues and yellows form fascinating iridescent patterns against a framework of rich and shining sterling silver. The conch shell itself is a symbol of protection and wisdom. Paired with the abalone shell in this artistic design, the piece is sure to bring inspiration and thoughtful mind. 

Swarovski crystals embedded in the upper portion of the conch shell design mark the thoughtful and artistic construction of the pendant while adding elegance and charm. 

Inspiration Abounds

The brilliant colors, sterling silver, and both abalone and conch shell symbolism are sure to draw inspiration to the wearer in all aspects of their life. Creatively, spiritually and physically this keepsake piece will draw on the beholders intuition and through undeniable ocean magic act as a positive guide.