ShanOre 海洋系列海豚水晶项链

by ShanOre


An elegant dolphin pendant crafted with sterling silver and encrusted with dazzling white Swarovski® crystals captures the allure and beauty of one of the ocean's most fascinating creatures. The graceful movements of the magnificent sea life are expressed in the curved lines and delicate design of this remarkable piece. A solitary blue crystal by Swarovski, set at the eye of the dolphin, adds personality and charm. 

The Dolphin

The dolphin, an intelligent and awe-inspiring sea mammal, whose strength and heart are present in their actions of protection and playfulness in the sea, is crafted with thought and care. In the ocean, their presence inspires harmony and a sense of well being, and the elegant design of this special piece may inspire in the wearer of this keepsake those same emotions. The craftsmanship in The Ocean Collection by Shanore Ireland embellished with Swarovski crystals has beautifully captured the unique allure of this wondrous ocean resident. 

Elegance from Day to Night

Smooth finishes and sparkling embellishments make the Dolphin pendant easily adaptable to day or night looks. Whether showcased with chic day events or at elegant nighttime galas, the ease and calm that the dolphin evokes will surely make this piece truly special for the wearer.