ShanOre 玫瑰金心形水晶水晶项链

by ShanOre


A gorgeous Swarovski® Crystal encrusted, Sterling Silver Celtic Heart pendant, emblazoned with striking rose gold plated knot work detailing. Features an 'open heart' design with two layers of crystal encrusted heart pieces.  

Everlasting Love

Subtle, delicate rose gold for romance, Sterling Silver and Swarovski crystals for strength, and an unbroken, intertwining design, together create a romantic token of everlasting love. A double framework of sterling silver encrusted with brilliant crystals to represent the blending of two hearts into one. This carefully crafted piece holds details of beauty and love for an eloquently expressed gesture of appreciation. 

The Perfect Gift

Gift this striking heart to the one who stole yours for a truly romantic expression.  Present it as the joining of two hearts for all of eternity or even as the blooming heart of new love. This radiant pendant, whether a gift for a new beau, or a gracious present celebrating an anniversary with a lifelong partner is sure to be worn with a beaming smile.